Carried Away

from by The Hollows



The independence of this body is separating
Yeah, I can feel it pulling apart
There's an angel behind me and he's throwing circles
But he's been serving someone else from the start

Is this a nightmare dream soaked in gasoline
If I catch fire then I won't be cold
I've been a beggar for things that I've been given
And I've been a vendor for the things I've been told

The dead man falls and now everything's broken
But the blood looks splendid when the sun goes down
The moonbeams dance and their arms, their arms are stretched naked
It's just swimming pool for the flies in town

Oh, I'm getting carried away

My heartbeat rattles like my pocket change
The hands that hold it are beautifully pale
The snow's like thunder, every time it touches the ground
Like that hammer pounding on a coffin nail

And the bed you've been making for fifty-some years
Will come undone when I'm not around
But you will be well rested, no tossing and turning
In the bed they've made next to me in the ground

The dead man shakes and now his feet keep him moving
He's got an orphan's smile and time to kill
The moonbeams run and their arms, their arms are stretched naked
He's got a hole to dig and a grave to fill

But oh, we're getting carried away

I will hold this chair for you
Til I die I will do
Yes it's true
I will hold this chair for you
Longer than the sky is blue
Yes, it's...


from The Hollows, released June 26, 2012
Justin - drums, vocals
Jeff - bass guitar
Dan - electric guitar, lead vocal
Rob - electric slide guitar, vocals
Dave - upright piano, vocals
Erik - acoustic guitar, vocals


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The Hollows Brooklyn, New York

A contradictory, harmonic melting pot that takes all its roots, twists them around, and produces something else; something new. With no frontman (or six frontmen), the result is a veritable junkyard of instruments and musical personalities, a carnival on wheels, a one-man band in six bodies that owns the stage with all the mobile, rhythmic ease of a seasoned railroad gang. ... more

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